Last week, we did pretty good with our efforts. There were great spurts we had during the week like last Tuesday. We followed the steps that we built through the community. Our choice of promotion is always through YouTube, which we’ll talk about in a moment. Let’s take a look at the results first.

Last week we made over $1,849 last week. Technically we made this amount at the end of last month, but most of these efforts carried over into October.

We used our newly made video about making money on Twitter. Here’s the video below.

We received over 2,000 views from the video and got over 800 website visits from this video. Since we’re trying to be very different with our video presentations, we are getting very good responses to these kinds of videos. Here is what the analytics looks like below:

As a result of this, we received this traffic from this one video for the week and made this amount for the week. Now the way that we did it was we followed the proven step by step process that we have built for our community members online. Other people who are following this same process are making money online. All you have to do is follow the process yourself and begin the process of making money today.

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