There are certain strategies that are kept in the closet when it comes to Affiliate marketing. Depending on the niche you occupy, the number one reason why people are making money is because of one reason, COPYWRITING! This single strategy alone can boost your income to $500 per week almost instantly. You may think you’re using ad copy but let me fill you in on what copywriting truly is.

The Single Most Magical Copywriting
Strategy That Makes
People Click On Your Ad

There is a single reason why people click on your ads. CURIOSITY. If you make a person curious enough, they will almost be sure to click on your ad, blog post or whatever else you’re promoting. Take for instance, the simple headline we put on this blog post. “The $500 Per Week Secret Hiding In Plain Sight.” It has just enough curiosity  to help motivate someone to click and see what we’re talking about.

Here is an extreme example of a blog post we did recently that brought us $500 worth of sales:

The Case Study Of How We Made $400 Within The Week With This Affiliate Platform

This is a very high performing blog post we put together some time ago and this is the results we got from this.



This is what we made just in one day. You can see that under the “TODAY” tab.

We can attribute this to the headline that we put together for this blog post. I know it’s not a “sexy” headline but it got the job done.

If You Don’t Read This Book
You’ll Hate Yourself

There is a book that I’m recommending you use for your headlines. It’s the single most effective way to get people to visit your blog and read your content. This is also useful for advertising headlines as well. This is our secret weapon that has helped us get the most out of our headlines.

Here is a peak inside the book:

As you can see, there is a boat load of headlines you can use for your Blog Post titles as well as sub-headers inside the content as well. These are designed to help you keep your readers interested in what you have to say. It’s also a great way to separate yourself away from everyone else who are using typical headlines that make you yawn. The fact is, the vast majority of people online aren’t taking headlines online seriously because they’re too busy trying to look for fast money which results to lazy activity.

Don’t be that guy who uses lazy tactics just to try and make that quick buck. Be the one who takes their time creating the best headlines for a blog post, Adwords ad campaign or any other campaign out there. It’s important that you transform your efforts into dollars.

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