Here at Geek Hibrid, we have been working tirelessly on the best possible solutions and strategies to make money online. There are lots of ways you can make money online, but we specialize in Affiliate Marketing. So that’s why you see a great deal if information and case studies on the subject.

Now there’s a difference between making some money and making a killing. We recently stumbled onto a strategy that has helped us make $700 within the week. We are going to explore this strategy right now…..

How We Made A $700 Within A Week

There are many people within the community who have lots of input and lots of information to share online. So we decided to put some of those strategies to the test. The first thing we did was apply the Google Adwords strategy in the Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 7-lesson 2 of 10. This is what the lesson looks like within the community.

Click on the image below to see the full lesson…..

This lesson goes into detail about how to set up Ad Groups, a decent campaign and how to properly put together a winning ad that will be approved within minutes. There’s also a video detailing the steps for this strategy as well. The bottom of this lesson makes a great point about setting up your Adwords campaigns.

When usually set up a YouTube campaign when using Adwords but you can use search as well as display….we suggest using YouTube since the least expensive method to get traffic to your site.

How To Setup Laser Targeted Traffic

When you’re using any kind of PPC, the main task here is to setup a very specific campaign. You never want to use a setup like this:

You always want to be as specific as you possibly can. The best advice you can ever get is to always use keywords that people naturally type into the search bar. This also includes YouTube campaigns as well.


Here is an example of our campaign

This is an older campaign that we did earlier in the month with a video…

We only spent $38 in this campaign and received 2,000+ views for this video. Here is the traffic we ended up getting behind this campaign

Out of 2,000+ viewers, we received over 800+ visitors to this landing page…..You can click on the image below to view the landing page.

These are the results of our efforts……Note the $700 in “today’s” section.

As you can see, we actually made significantly more than what we anticipated. As I was writing this article, I just so happened to see our daily results. This is something that was a result of following the steps our community members laid out for newbies and experienced people online.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we can bring these kind of results for you, then you need to be part of this community as well.


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