This is going to be a very brief Affilorama Review by Geek Hibrid. We are going to talk about the basics of the platform and how you are going to benefit with a great platform like this. Let’s get inside of the site as beginner and what you need to expect.

Affilorama Review: Inside The Platform

When you get inside the platform you will see the upgrade trial bar. Sometimes you see different offers in your dashboard but you don’t have to worry about that if you don’t plan on upgrading yet. You can actually wait until you see an opportunity that will enable you to try out the premium membership without paying the regular price $67 up front.

affilorama review

The next thing that you will notice is the download called Roadmap for making money online. This is for people who are just getting started in the field of Affiliate Marketing and wish to gain a crash course knowledge of the industry and what to expect in such an industry. Affilorama does a great job at making sure people are abreast to the most updated information online. So this PDF download is a great way to get you up to speed if you’re new to this industry.

Think of Affilorama like your own private school. Unlike platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate, this platform enables people to take their time, learn the business at their own pace and go through the process independently.


What’s The Goal On Here?

Your first goal is to get through the lessons. You will find these lessons at the top bar under lessons. You can choose which sets of lessons you wish to learn at your own pace. You can cherry pick whichever one you desire to learn, or you can start from the top (introduction) and go from there.


The next section deals with three resources that are suppose to dynamically help you seamlessly learn how to get your business off the ground and make money right away…..I’m guessing….These are their “products” on top of the platform product itself. These three products are certainly optional and you may or may not be interested in them. I personally feel they are kind of milking it with the three products there but at least they are optional.

Affiliate Blueprint

This is the basic framework of affiliate marketing. You get step by step lessons on Steroids and you will learn how to build a good site. You will also be provided with basic information about online marketing and monetization (money sources) as well.


This is more of an analytic feature but you get to learn the basics on

-Web analytic tools
-Search Engine Optimization
-Keyword information
-Social media analytic tools
-Build backlinks
-Check your site’s health (website running slowly or quickly; SEO Issues)



Build Your Projects And Keep Everything In House

You will be using their project area quite often because you’re going to be linking all of your external accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Clickbank, etc to the site you an keep up with your analytics and sales information all in one place. Imagine you being able to keep track of all your progress without having to go through a bunch of other sites just to keep up with your stats. Affilorama helps you gain a leg up on your competition, as well as keep track of your progress with your customers and website visitors. Affilorama has a video that discusses how you will be able to use the project area to help you make money with your money site.


Price And Bottom Line

Affilorama runs different promos every day so you never know exactly which offer they are going to give you when you join for free. The image at the bottom shows the last deal they had before time ran out….Their regular price is $67 per month


Affilorama is all about solo learning if you don’t want to be bothered with upsells or forum based platforms. It’s also a great site if you really want to take advantage of the many resources they have to offer to people. The bottom line here is that this platform is available to those who are willing to learn and make money for the better. Making money online isn’t that difficult at all. You just need resources that will enable you to have clear direction and clear tasks that you can follow seamlessly.

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