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General Questions

Is Making Money Really Guaranteed?

Yes! It’s as guaranteed as you want it to be. Our 800,000 members can attest to our methods being real and our results have been verified by the experts online. It’s predicated on how well you follow directions and how fast you act on those direction.

How Will I Make Money?

Our 5 course 50 lesson course ensures that you have your site built, traffic coming to the site and where to find all the revenue sources that will help you make money online. Our members also submit training, and you can as well. So there will be no shortage of training, updates and proven methods to keep you in the loop online. You will also learn how to submit training and practically create a guaranteed income by providing material for members within the community. Members who submit training make $5 per 10 credits per training. You can submit unlimited training so there’s no shortage there.

Is This A Scam?

It’s impossible to scam people if you’re in business for 12 years and 800,000 members to tend to. We are not in the business of scamming anyone. We’re in the business of helping people fire their boss asap. Our training is verified and is recommended by the world’s top affiliate marketers online. Kyle and Carson are also active owners within the community. They have no issues answering any questions about their operation and they are family men as well.

Is This A Pyramid Scheme?

The answer is an astounding no! A pyramid scheme works similarly to a Ponzi scheme. They need new recruits in order to pay current recruits. Here in the community, you don’t have to recruit anyone because our product is training people how to build their own business with any product whatsoever. You are not required to promote Wealthy Affiliate just to make money. You are paying for resources and training to build your own operating online business in six months or less. And everything you make online is all yours. Every profitable dollar is yours.  We’re merely the support system that has your back. We do have an affiliate program that will help you make money residually and that’s all.

Can I Stay A Free Member Forever?

Yes you can stay a free member for as long as you want. However, our studies have shown that the most successful members in our community are the premium members within our site. Being a starter member only gives you a taste of being a premium member for a week but after that you have access to limited features and resources online. There’s no rush for becoming a premium member with us so take your time and enjoy the level you’re on currently. We all have to start somewhere.