This is a complete guide towards making $500 per week. In this guide you will learn the growth and development of getting the traffic and finally breakthrough the barrier. Everything that we do here is about gaining momentum and increasing productivity. It’s about working smarter not harder.

In order to improve your results, you must grow your understanding of a single strategy. Too many people are flip-flopping and going back and forth about several strategies and then have the nerve to teach other people this schizophrenic behavior (but I digress).

Without further delay, here is a snapshot of what we did to make $500 per week online.

We tested the #1 training module online

First we tested this learning module that helps people evolve into a marketing machine online. These steps are suppose to propel you forward online. So we put it to the test. Here is what we did.

We looked at the Phase 6 in the Affiliate Bootcamp….which talks about Pay Per Click

So we followed the campaign training with a few modifications. We followed the general model and adjusted some things to suit our campaign needs. Here is what we did.

We used Google Adwords and setup a campaign for our landing page.

The main thing about any kind of campaign is to be efficient. It’s pretty unusual to hear about someone using efficient marketing campaigns because people are usually using general campaigns and throwing S&#T on the wall to see what sticks. But after looking at this you will soon find that being efficient is most important.

In this campaign we used our basic landing page that leads to this page.

This is one of our highly converting campaigns because it’s one of our payment proof landing pages. Income proof landing pages usually perform very well because well……its proves results…..Here is what the results were at the end of it all….


If you look at the $169 in the “today” section, you will see the results we had at the end of the campaign. If you pay attention to the last 7 days, you will see $700+ for the week. I think a lot of people love to see this even within the month. All of this from the basic steps we followed from the Affiliate Bootcamp within our community. You too can follow these steps and get the same results once you join our community and take the course as well.


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