As you follow the instructions that you’re about to learn here, you should be excited to know that this trick is going to work for you the same way it has for us.

What most people notice first is the constant interaction that shows up whenever they perform this. If you pay attention to what is going on within the method, you’ll notice the results as well.

Here are the steps you will need to carry out in order to see the results for yourself.

  1. Number Of Images

In order for this to work, you must go on and display at least 20 images on your Instagram. This is going to be the images you place in rotation. It doesn’t matter if it’s quotes or unique content. Just find at least 20 images in your niche and display them on Your Instagram.

You’ve got to deliver the goods so make sure the content is really good. If you’re having trouble finding image content, you can use Adobe Spark. This is a site that enables you to create text images for you to post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Or you can create something for your website as well.

You can also find plenty of quotes and other images on Google search. Don’t worry about “copyright” issues, it’s not that serious especially with the quote images. Most of these are made for fun anyway.

2. Image Posting

When you post an image, you must use hashtags for these images. You need a set of hashtags listed on a separate document so you won’t leave out any. Remember, you can only post 30 hashtags at one time.

The bottom line here is, you’re posting all 20+ images and then you are going to recycle the images. You may or may not want to re-post them in order. You can mix and match the images once you have all 20+ of them posted already.

Just to let you know, people will try and tell you that you can’t post images more than once or they will tell you that it’s tacky to post more than once. The truth is, you can post an image more than once and it’s not tacky because your main goal is to reach new followers and gain more interaction through the hashtags.

It’s ok to use this method and move forward with your branding. The number one goal should be to gain interaction, followers and ultimately leads. That’s exactly what happens when you do this. Keep in mind, you will want to continue to post new content while you do this. This insures that you are adding content while you are using the repeat method.


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