Becoming a mind-blowing blogger isn’t as far-fetched as one might think. It’s actually quite simple. In fact, you have a lot of successful bloggers who keep this particular method a secret.

The way you become a mind-blowing blogger is to study copywriting. This is the single most effective way to help your content get better and also help you develop persuasion skills as well. Below is an image of the best Amazon books Geek Hibrid has purchased on Copywriting.

In case some of you are confused about what Copywriting is, it’s a term used to describe persuasive language. It’s a writing style that enables you to influence an audience to sway in your direction on a particular subject and it’s great for selling products.¬†There is a reason why bloggers are successful online and this is definitely one of the reasons.

When performing copywriting, it’s best that you come up with great headlines first so you can practice attracting interested readers. The headline is the most important part of this process because you need to separate your content from everyone else online. Here are some examples below.

“7 tips to simplify your finances”

“7 Secrets About Safe Sex Practices”

“How to look and act like a movie star on a budget”

“The History Of Banking”

These are just to name a few. As you can see, people love the seeing the number 7 for whatever reason. In fact we did a study and the results showed that more people responded to the number 7 on listed headlines than any other number. Don’t really know why but that’s what happened.

After looking at the above examples, you should be encouraged and stimulated mentally. You should be very motivated to learn how this works so you can put together those groovy headlines yourself.

FYI: Your content must reflect whatever headline you decide to use for your blog posts. No matter how outrageous your headlines are, you must be able to back up most of the headline in order to keep the reader’s attention. Otherwise, your bounce rates are going to through the roof.

Be Intensely Unique

A blog is a great platform to unleash your imagination and your personality. Do not get caught up in the copy cat syndrome. What works for one person may not work for another. We both know that you know this already but it still has to be said.

It’s important that you give your blog life and cook cup some uniqueness. You can accomplish this by arranging some content based upon your individual perspective about a subject.

The more you formulate opinions and viewpoints on a particular subject, the more people will gravitate to “YOU.” You must execute this by establishing the tone of your content. Also, your blog must have visual appeal as well. This is an obvious way to express your individuality but still must be said. Don’t look at other people’s content and blog structure and steal it frame by frame. If you take their idea, make sure you craft something unique to you.

Overall, successful bloggers are creating mind-blowing content that is based around Copywriting concepts and a unique voice. Study these ways and make sure you are executing everything needed to create your very own mind-blowing blog.

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