What is a niche?

The definition of a niche, in terms of Internet marketing and blogging is, a segment of a market which can be further subdivided into demographics, gender, age groups and other smaller market segments, which a product/service focuses, is known as a niche. A niche is the most essential element of your business. The sum up the definition, a niche is filling empty spaces in a market.

Three Rules For Selecting a powerful niche

  1. Choose A Profitable Niche

  2. Your Target Market Must Be Motivated To Solve Their Problem As Soon As Possible

  3. Your Niche Must Answer All Questions And Solve Problems

1. Choose the most profitable niche: Your niche must be strong enough to give you a decent profit.

2. Your target market must be motivated to solve their problem as soon as possible: This is because they want to ease their pain, remove their fear of losing something dear to them, or want to overcome a deep frustration.

People who are experiencing a problem are actively seeking a quick solution. Therefore, your chosen niche must provide instant solutions to their problem.

3. Your niche must answer questions and solve problems for your target audience: When people visit your site or buy something from you, they already know what their problem is, they just want solutions.

You must choose a niche after you understand the needs of the target audience. This is directly related to the two previous points. You cannot provide solutions or answers if you don’t know what the problem is in the first place.


Selecting A Niche

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